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Ram Ki Paidi

Ram Ki Paidi is the attractive bathing ghat built for the convenience of multitude of Ram devotees to have a sacred bath in holy Sarayu waters. Ram ki Paidi was constructed during 1984 near Nayaghat on the banks of river Sarayu in Ayodhya in Uttar Pradesh.


Birla Temple

This temple consist of great architecture dedicated to Lord Ram.


Kanak Bhawan

The ‘Kanak Bhawan’ is the biggest, religiously one of the most important and architecturally an aesthetically built temple dedicated to Lord Ram and his divine consort Sita. Popularly called Kanak Sone ki Mandir, the Kanak Bhawan Mandir, Ayodhya gets its name from the richly ornamented idols of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita This shrine is a marvelous sample of temple architecture and design.




Saryu Ghat

Saryu ghat is one of the famous ghats of ayodhya situated on the bank of river Saryu. Pilgrims and devotees of shri ram takes the holy dip in the saryu river to wash off their sins. Devotees also participate in the morning and evening aarti custom which is very captivating and mesmerizing. And which leads every being present there spell bounded.


Hanuman Garhi

Hanumangarhi is a temple of Lord Hanuman in Ayodhya.This temple has 76 steps outside. It is believed that the wishes of the pilgrims are fulfilled if they climb these 76 steps of the temple. The popular shrine of this temple is believed to be the fulfiller of every wish. Legend says that Lord Hanuman lived here in a cave in order to guard and defend the Ramkot or Sri Ram Janmabhumi. The inner sanctoram houses the idol of infant hanuman in the laps of his mother 'Anjani'


Dashrath Mahal

Dashrath Mahal is the palace of King Dashrath also caled as Bada Asthana or Badi jagah, located in the Ramkot area of Ayodhya.


Gulab Bari

Gulab Bari is the maqbara (Mausoleum) of Nawab Shuja-ud-Daula. Gulab Bari is surrounded by an enclosure wall, built of Lakhauri bricks lime plastered and decorated with plaster mouldings. The enclosure contains the tomb of Shuja-ud-daula along with mosque Imambara, Shahi Hammam, Baradari and a well approached through triple-arched gateways.


Jain Swetamber Mandir

Shwetambar mandir is present in Katara mohalla situated in Ayodhya city. This holy place has the opportunity of being the place of Chyavan-Birth-Deeksha of Yugadidev Adishwar Bhagwan and the place of Chyavan-Janm-Deeksha-Kalyanak of Shri Ajitnath, Shri Abhinandan and Shri Sumatinath & Shri Anantnath Bhagwan

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